Not only do we love a great party once in a while, but we also understand the importance of the prep work needed to get the party started! It takes time and it can be very stressful. Why not make your party-planning that much easier by calling us to help!

We make all kinds of party trays: veggie, fruit, deli meat, cheese, sandwich, and dessert. The veggie and fruit trays both come with a dip included and are made using only our freshest produce. The meat, cheese, and sandwich trays are prepared by our deli department and are absolutely delicious. Pick up a box of crackers and a few fresh rolls to complement these selections. Our dessert trays are put together by our talented bakery staff and offer a great selection of tasty goodies!

Don’t forget our prepared foods department! Planning a get together for the big game? Call ahead and put in your order for some tasty chicken wings to keep those bellies full – they also pair really well with certain beverages!

Contact us for pricing and information!